Early Start



Early Start is a one-year pre-school programme.

It is divided into two groups; a morning group (8:50-11:20) and an afternoon group (12:00-2:30). 

Susan and Maria run the Early Start classroom.




We had a great first month in Early Start. Our favourite colour this month was the colour red. We ate red food and decorated red apples. We are now learning all about wild animals. We made Lions, Tigers and Zebras. We enjoy drawing outside with the chalk. We love to ride our bikes and scooters. We always wear our helmets.

We had lots of fun in Early Start Halloween week. We made animal masks and painted Ghosts.  We made ghost rice krispie buns using white chocolate and chocolate chips. We had so much fun on the last day dressing up in our costumes and dancing at the Halloween disco.

We had lots of fun during sensory play. we washed our babies, cooked with pasta and spaghetti. we played with the sand and our ocean of pebbles.


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