Junior Infants


We have three Junior Infant Classes!

The three Junior Infant teachers are:

Mrs. Champkin         Ms. Killilea         Ms. Kitt

June is almost over its hard to believe all the boys and girls will soon be moving on to Senior Infants. They have worked so hard and learned so much. We had our school tour, sports day and a teddy’s bear picnic in June. We revised all our sounds and practised writing our letters. In Maths we learned how to use a balance and how to tell which item was lighter and heavier. 

April has been a busy month. We learnt to write the letters h, s, e,i, l, t. We are reading 3 and 4 letter words. Our theme for Aistear was the zoo; we had great fun making closures for the animals using Lego and magnetic blocks. We took turns acting out the roles of zoo keeper, vet, and visitor and working in the ticket office. In Maths we are learning about graphs and recognising coins. We had great fun discovering all about magnets and learning all about the zoo animals. We also have new friends in our class, some caterpillars we are so excited watching them change. 

Junior Infants had a great second term. We made chicks and Easter bunnies. We even went on an Easter Egg Hunt.

Our themes for Aistear were the post office, the school and the restaurant. The children loved taking on the role of the postman, the teacher and Principal. They loved acting out the role of the chef, waiter and customer. They designed and constructed amazing restaurants and schools out of Lego. We can now write the numbers 1-5! We learned a new for Seachtain na Gaeilge called Báibín Siorc. We have been learning all about Saint Patrick and the season spring. The children also had great fun in Art and made the most amazing Easter Bonnets have a look;

 We met Martin the hedgehog. Dogs Trust was in to visit as well. We had Grandparents Day and we have been busy learning new things everyday such as our letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, colours and nursery rhymes.So far we have done Humpty Dumpty, Hickory Dickory Dock, Hey Diddle Diddle, Two Little Dickie Birds, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twickle, Twickle Little Star, Jack and Jill, Ba Ba Black Sheep, One Two Buckle my Shoe, Little Miss Muffet, Rub a Dub Dub and Mary had a Little Lamb.


What a busy month! We are learning lots of new songs and poems for our Christmas concert and we have been busy making lots of cool Art. Each Junior Infant Class has a special visitor staying in their class an ELF! Our theme for Aistear this month is Santa’s workshop, we have lots of fun making and creating all the toys for the boys and girls.



In November we learned new nursery rhymes Jack and Jill, Ba Ba Black Sheep, One Two Buckle my Shoe, Rub a Dub Dub, Mary and a Little Lamb and Little Miss Muffet. We started writing the letter c and o. We can even write the number 1 now! In Aistear our theme was the Doctor’s Surgery, we learned lots of new words like receptionist, appointment, waiting room, thermometer, stethoscope, bandage, sling, plaster, injection, x-ray and lots lots more. We are now busy getting ready for our next theme which is Santa’s Workshop, we are very excited to start!



In October we started Aistear and our theme for the month was homes. We had great fun role playing in the home corner, we built houses and made our own houses out of cardboard. We learn’t all the names of the different rooms in the house and the different items you can find in each. We had a visit from Streetsmart and learned all about road safety. We learned about the bat and hibernation. In PE we practised our ball skills, catching, bouncing and throwing small and big balls. To finish the exciting month off we had a great Halloween disco.


We spent the month of September learning, “All about me, our families, homes, our bodies and autumn.” We went on a nature walk to spot the changes that autumn brings and had fun stomping in the crunchy leaves! In Maths we have been busy making sets, sorting, matching and making lots of patterns.