1st Class


Slide1We have four 1st Classes!

The four 1st Class teachers are:

Mrs. O’Brien      Ms. McInerney      Ms. Coughlan    Ms Gormley

We are almost finished first class. It has been a great year.

Since Easter:

  • We watched our caterpillars grow into butterflies and then released them into the school gardens.
  • We took part in the Maths and Science awards. We completed science experiments, we built a tower using lego. We completed some project work and we went on a maths trail.
  • We went on our sponsored walk. Thank you to all those people who sponsored us.
  • We went on our school tour to Lullymore Heritage Centre.
  • We had our Sport’s Day

Maths and Science Awards

Our Butterflies


Our School Tour



Our Sponsored Walk: