2nd Class



We have four 2nd Classes


Ms  S. Champkin      Ms. Mc Inerney     Ms. Beirne    Ms. Forte


November and December:

We are all excited for Christmas in 2nd class… it won’t be long until Santa is here! We have been doing some revision work during the last 2 weeks… counting in 10s in maths, doubles, near doubles, revising how to tell the time on the analogue and digital clock, naming the 2d and 3d shapes, telling the difference between one digit and 2 digit numbers, revising halves and quarters, counting forward and back to 100 and skip counting in 2s,5s,3s and 10s. We made some lovely Christmas art… advent wreaths, snowmen decorations, grinch paintings… (check back for photos soon!).


We had some special visitors to our classes… a bearded dragon lizard and a guinea pig!

In November, we learned about the theme of ‘space’. We can name all 8 planets and say LOTS of facts about space. We learned about the moon landings, space exploration and looked at some videos of astronauts in space. Some children made little animations about the moon landings using ‘Scratch Junior’.

We also learned about China and made some projects about this. We were lucky to have a boy who is able to speak Chinese in 2nd class so we learned how to say some words, to count to 10 and how to write some words in Chinese too. We learned about silk fabric, silkworms and where this fabric comes from.


Here are some pictures of our artwork and writing during October:

We had our Halloween disco. It was lots of fun! We all dressed up. Here are some photos. 




We have well settled back into school now in 2nd class! In September and October we learned about these themes: Halloween, autumn, trees, food, myself and school.

  • We learned about schools in the past and spoke to our parents/grandparents about their experiences in school.

  • We enjoyed the green action day on the 10th of October and found lots of different types of trees… maple trees, silver birch, ash, cherry blossom, whitebeam trees and more! We looked at the different leaves, buds and barks of each of these trees.

  • For PE, Amanda from St Peregrines is teaching us GAA skills one day a week. We have also been doing hockey skills, basketball and skipping. We love P.E!

  • In Maths we have been counting in 2s,5s and 10s, practising counting on and back, adding and taking away tens, learning about time (o’clock, half past, 1/4 past and 1/4 to), learning the names and attributes of 3d shapes (cone, cube, sphere, cylinder, pyramid, cuboid). We have been counting forwards and backwards to 100 and revising ways to make 10 and doubles.

  • In English, we practise reading every day in our reading groups. We learned about when to use a capital letter in our writing and we are practising this now. We’re enjoying Roald Dahl books (the Twits)!

We’re looking forward to Halloween and the Halloween disco day on Thursday the 25th of October! We’re excited to see everyone dressed up in their costumes!